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    Xing Chang has been insisting on exchanges and cooperation with the domestic and international counterparts along with independent innovation, and has been focusing on investing and exploding in activated carbon application and R&Q. As result of this, Xing chang company achieved remarkable returns from its persistence.

    After years of cooperation with world-famous Japanese activated carbon enterprises, we introduced whole set of Japanese technologies, technical processes and equipments and successfully developed world-leading AX series activated carbon products in 2008, which has been proved to be able to substitute the imported high performance carbons and are more and more popularly used among domestic market especially pharmaceutical enterprises.

    Through the close cooperation universities, Xing Chang company has jointly built one activated carbon research center with South China University of Technology and one activated carbon application research center with East China University of Science and Technology, and successfully developed a series of specialty activated carbon which are specially designed for various applications.

    Xing Chang company also raised capital by itself and established a R&D center which possessing high-precision detecting instruments such as atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer and Specific Surface Area Analyzer etc. Moreover, introducing advanced talents with professional activated carbon knowledge, Xing Chang company has established an excellent team for R&Q.


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